Do the Right Thing EP

Do the Right Thing – 2016

Recorded by Julian at various locations in West Cornwall around 2015, the EP kicks off with the remarkable and tragic tale of ‘Cruel Coppinger’ – one of the ‘wild, strange, lawless characters that roamed along the north coast of Cornwall during the middle and latter years of the [18th] century’ R.S.Hawker 1893. Details of Coppinger’s life are sketchy at best, although a detailed ballad was thought to have been written, the first verse of which was recounted by Hawker thusly:

“Will you hear of the Cruel Coppinger?He came from a foreign kind;He was brought to us by the salt water,He was carried away by the wind.”

The remaining verses were thought to have been lost to time, but unbelievably they were discovered by Julian behind his Penryn sofa whilst nodding off to an episode of the popular local documentary ‘Poldark’. He wasted no time in setting these newly found words to a brutally naïve violin riff, backed all the way with pummelling drums, bass and chanting from his Philanthropists.

‘Dolomite Sprint’ is a mid-paced rocker, a boisterous addition to the ‘attempts to translate Springsteen on to a British manufactured motor’ oeuvre , chucking an affectionate nod towards Gaskell’s seminal ‘Icons of Poundland’ and ‘Loafer’ work from the early noughties.

The aforementioned tracks are culled from the ‘Carvery of Blight’ album, the remaining three are unfortunate misfits with no place on any long player in the present or the future, here we present the geriatric rock’n’roll debauchery of ‘National Trust‘, the NHS-replacing 7-days a week remedy that is ‘Apple cyder vinegar’, and finally the easy-listening mistaken identity of ‘Burt’s Bees’ in which Mr Bacharach gently croons to his deserted apiary while the sun sets and the bees fly on to a better place.