Shuffling the Same Deck of Cards

A new 5-track digital EP!

The second instalment of our sheet music collection for 2022, the new song ‘Shuffling the Same Deck of Cards’ is accompanied with a selection of instrumental and vocal novelties collected from Gaskell’s musical binbag.

‘Shufflin’ is a self-explanatory gamble in a post-brexit wasteland, and is notable as the first Philanthropists release to feature the actual Mrs Mills piano. Cally Gibson tries to improve the cultural quality of the offer with some Vaughan-Williams-esque violin but is consistently thwarted by Gaskell’s unnecessarily jolly piano work and of course Thomas Sharpe’s disturbed vocal interjections.

The hectoring slide guitar on ‘Big men’ will be familiar to keen listeners as the ‘chase tune’ in Bash Street Theatre’s recent show ‘The Cameraman’. On this version, which started as a demo for the show, the slide is augmented by some improvised farmyard poetry and percussion. A novelty banger in the ‘Mouldy Old Dough’ vein, and surely destined to become a huge seller in 1973.

‘Go to sleep’ is an instrumental guitar lullaby which should serve practical purpose for the dog owning philanthropist.

‘In need of Some Repair’ is a superficial skim of plaster over the song from the classic ‘Drove With Dire Boding O Their Future Woe’ album, replacing the dour guitar with some ornate yet gauche decorative piano rag-rolling.

Finally ‘turbulence’ is as fancy a ballad as any released this week and features a special guest appearance from Kieran Haynes and his magical musical saw.

Artwork is by Cally Gibson

Available to stream or download from Bandcamp – NAME YOUR PRICE.