Productions and recordings for other artists

Over the years I have occasionally dabbled in the world of music production for folks who demand a grungey mess of a sound.  Here is a selection of music in which I have had a hand in recording:

The Eyelids

I recorded this album for Falmouth garage-rockabilly legends ‘The Eyelids’ in 2017; tracks were recorded at their industrial unit in Penryn, and mixed on Harrison Mixbus.  I managed to sneak a little bit of organ on piano on to a few tracks, but the accordion got banned from the studio.

I am Kloot 2002-4

Myself and Scott Alexander (Indigo Jones) recorded some tracks for ‘I am Kloot’ in Manchester around 2002-2003, mostly in their rehearsal space in Ancoats, using a bodged collection of digital recorders and microphones and a fair bit of distortion… These were then mixed in a posh London studio by some other folks.  Here’s one of the tracks, which almost bothered the Top 40.


Here’s another track from that era, which I livened up (or de-railed depending on your point of view) with some detuned rickenbacker and dodgy hammond before tape distorting the whole thing and putting the ‘Great British Spring’ reverb on it.  If I’d have had my way the whole album would have gone down this route, but I doubt it would have got released…

Then, finally, I recorded and mixed the sound for the ‘Live at the Ritz’ DVD back in 2004 before disappearing off to Cornwall.


Strap Ons 2003

Another Manchester-industrial-unit, another recording for these legends of the Manchester-punk-ish live scene of the early noughties…

Tom Hingley & The Lovers

The Lovers were a band formed by singer Tom Hingley (of Inspiral Carpets), brothers Steve Hanley (bass guitar) and Paul Hanley (drums) (both former members of The Fall), keyboardist Kelly Wood and guitarist Jason Brown.  I recorded this single and most of their album “Abba are the enemy” back in 2003.  Personally I have no problem with Abba, and I did say so at the time.

Kirsty McGee

Around about 1999-2001 I did some gigs playing guitar with Kirsty McGee, and recorded some tracks – here is one… I definitely pressed the record button and probably played electric guitar on it.

Fast Cars

In 2001 I was working at Ionian Studios in Bolton and recorded some tracks for ‘Fast Cars’, completing their long-awaited debut album which was released 22 years after their legendary single “the kids just wanna dance”.  Luckily, I had no idea of recording anything in a modern way so it sounded pretty much like a recording from 1979…


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