Mizzle-Eyed Maiden of the West

A new 4-track digital EP!

For the third instalment of our sheet music collection for 2022, we present, after many years of deliberation and dither, the string-laden epic ‘Mizzle Eyed Maiden of the West’. Featuring extensive orchestral renovations by Cally Gibson as well as storming folk drums by the much-missed Dave Hart, this song takes an inscription from a Zennor gravestone for a lop-sided tango on a listing vessel in the storm.

Also on the EP we have a mystical rhythm’n’blues cruise on Salisbury Plain in ‘Solstice Moon’ and some classic old-skool Ragged Trousered Philanthropists faux klezmer in ‘Same Mistakes’. Finally a stings-only mix of ‘Mizzle‘ – perfect for Poldark re-enactments.

Artwork is by Cally Gibson

Available to stream or download from Bandcamp – NAME YOUR PRICE.