The Dancer and the Devil

It’s all about the woods, darlings!!!

From 2010 to 2012 I dabbled in the wild and colourful world of show-business with the Cornish company Rogue Theatre on various projects, the main one being “The Dancer & the Devil”.  The show previewed at the Lowry Centre in Salford and Prema in Gloucestershire before going to the infamous Tehidy Woods and then touring the UK from autumn 2011 to summer 2012.





I wrote the music and lyrics to the songs, and performed on vocals, accordion, piano, guitar, cello and violin alongside Lauren Vandike who sang and played piano, guitar, glockenspiel.  Some recordings of them are below…


The star of the show, apart from Tehidy [Woods] itself, is musical director Julian Gaskell, who will be well known to music lovers in the county. A cross between Tom Waits, Joe Strummer and Rachmaninov, his repertoire of songs (helped by singer/musician Lauren Vandike) brought the show to life. The West Briton


Mesmerising, continental-style live music from the obscenely talented Julian Gaskell. (My only regret is they weren’t selling CDs of the show’s soundtrack). – North Devon Journal


One man whirlwind Julian Gaskell’s stunning musicianship and evocative soundtrack is unbelievably brilliant. Setting the mood and tone, playing accordion and piano as the audience arrives, his Kroke-esque percussive violin, haunting cello music and powerful expository songs, are worthy of a show in their own right – The Cornishman


Live music throughout, provided by Musical Director Julian Gaskell and Lauren Vandike, includes a fresh and seemingly improvised background score and a handful of Tiger Lily-esque songs about people and love affairs coming to a bad end in which Gaskell’s delivery is dour and full of bleak humour. The Public Reviews