The Lion Tamer

From 2009 to 2011 I played piano and accordion for Bash Street Theatre, an international street theatre company touring outdoor silent movie-style, circus theatre shows.

This included touring their existing shows ‘Cliffhanger’ and ‘The Station’ , and a new show in 2009 ‘The Lion Tamer’ which I wrote the music for.

The Lion Tamer – 2009

Here is my recording of the music:


This show was situated firmly in the silent movie era, with black and white set, costumes and lighting and with a piano providing all of the music and sound effects.  So the music tries to stay in the era, mostly ragtime style with bits of old-times blues, tango, waltzes and of course a few trips into the klezmer modes.

We toured the show around the UK from autumn 2009 to spring 2010, after that Seamus Carey took over for an autumn tour, and some of the tunes evolved into a new show ‘The Strongman’

The Station & Cliffhanger (toured 2010-11)

I inherited the music shows for these from previous Bash Street conscripts, here are some clips of me performing them live and doing my ‘award winning’ train sound effects.